Hugging the pristine shoreline of the Gulf of Mexico along Florida’s popular Highway 30a are a chain of rare coastal dune lakes embedded in the dune ecosystem of the Panhandle’s spring break capital. The rare lakes are reportedly found only along the coasts of New Zealand, Australia, Madagascar, and in the United States along the coasts of Oregon, South Carolina,…

Meet the ladies of Johns Creek Women’s Club

 Deborah Fawaz, President, member for three years, charter board member  Why JCWC?:  I wanted to expand my social circle. I am excited that we are growing our organization every month so that we can better support our designated charity: Wellspring Living. My favorite programs are the Murder/Mystery luncheon and the Fashion Shows.  Good living: We raised our four children in Alpharetta/Johns Creek,…

A Wall of Wine? Why Not?

Good food is always sweeter when shared with good friends. Whether it’s your girlfriends, your mom or your daughter, sometimes finding just the right place to satisfy everyone’s tastes is difficult. But if searching for a new, hip lunch spot in Alpharetta, check out Secreto Southern Kitchen & Bar.  

Meet Dr. Ann Cha

Ann Cha is a board-certified OB/GYN offering women a safe and judgement free environment.  After nearly 20 years of experience working in large medical groups, she opened her own practice in the Johns Creek area so that she could have the freedom and flexibility to meet patients' health and wellness needs with the latest medical technologies and alternative therapies available.…

Expertise Matters

100,000 miles... That’s nearly four times the distance around the equator, more than 211 million steps, and the combined length of all the blood vessels in an average adult human body. Along those 100,000 miles of minuscule arteries, veins and capillaries, a vast array of conditions may occur that require the expertise of a vascular surgeon.

That’s my mom, Emily.

My mom Emily kept a pink Avon lipstick, clear plastic rain hat, white comb, A&P coupons and a few clean tissues in her purse at all times. She wore an apron on Sundays when she made dinner, still dressed for church where she sang in the choir and taught Sunday school.  She served on the  … Continued

Smile, Your Health Depends On It

Pretty much everyone knows how important it is to have routine dental cleanings to help prevent both cavities and gum disease.  When it comes to professional dental cleanings, there are different procedures to remove plaque and bacteria from teeth and treat the areas above and below the gum line.  One main reason there are different types of dental cleanings is…

May 2019 Around Town

The Secret is Out Johns Creek Beautification is pleased to announce the second annual Secret Gardens of Johns Creek Tour. This year’s collection of seven amazing private home gardens will emphasize unusual and themed plant combinations and hardscapes. The Autrey Mill Nature Preserve will be a premiere tour stop featuring educational presentations as well as food and plants … Continued

SLJC Senior Device Training

 Student Leadership Johns Creek hosted a Senior Device Training with AT&T for local seniors in Johns Creek. There were over 40 seniors who learned a lot from this experience. This is an annual event that SLJC hosts.

Looking Back, Looking Ahead

A century before this deep-water bay on a Lake Lanier peninsula became a premier lakefront community, it was wilderness—there were few people living in this remote valley, and undeveloped land was plentiful and cheap. When the Great Depression devastated the United States economy in the 1930s, across much of the country, you could barely give land away. Rafe Banks, III,…