The Best of St. Belle Dame

“Belle Dame” translates to beautiful woman in French, and the staff at St Belle Dame believes that true beauty comes from within. Isn't that refreshing?  "We want to offer only the best to allow true, inner beauty to shine without the need for reliance on artificial beauty standards created by the industry," says xxx.  "In order to do this, our team…

The Well Read Gentleman

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Meet Dr. Ann Cha

Ann Cha is a board-certified OB/GYN offering women a safe and judgement free environment.  After nearly 20 years of experience working in large medical groups, she opened her own practice in the Johns Creek area so that she could have the freedom and flexibility to meet patients' health and wellness needs with the latest medical technologies and alternative therapies available.…

Home Is Where The Harmony Is

I sat down and drew it all out one night. I’ve moved cities/apartments/houses every six months or so for the past five years. Some people may think this would be disorienting, making it harder to find a footing in a community. But to me, I’ve found that the nomadic lifestyle is one I appreciate more. Moving around has forced me to…

Northview High School Cheer Sqaud

 2-4-6-8, who do we appreciate?  We love these girls!  They are talented athletes, accomplished students and... understanding young ladies.

Put The Giving in Your Thanksgiving

 Meals On Wheels Atlanta  Meals On Wheels Atlanta (MOWA) supports local seniors struggling with poverty, food insecurity and social isolation. Get involved from the kitchen to seniors’ doorsteps every week, volunteer with your corporate or independent group or make a contribution online.

Watch for It

Nestled in the center of Peachtree Corners’ Forum shopping center is Carnegie Jewelers, a paradise for anyone who demands the finer things in life including diamond necklaces, cufflinks, rings, stunning watches, and more. Owner Kourosh Baghaei is obviously passionate in what he does; his extensive selection, posh accommodations, association with the American Gem Society, and Gemological Institute of America degree prove that.…


 Article Maria Smith  Insta-fun! Insta-fashion! Insta-FABULOUS! Meet six unique, engaging and chic Instagramers, all whom call Metro Atlanta home. Whether running to the country club, running to catch a flight, or just running errands with the kids, they are stylish, hip and seem to be effortlessly fashionable.   From those who favor bold colors, to ones who want to rip trends from the runway, to…

Beach, here I come!

 Article Sue G. Collins  I spend most of the summer outdoors (I'm writing this sitting on the cottage porch) so I asked the experts at Aesthetic Specialty Centre to recommend the smartest products for my summer beach bag. I'm loving them all!  1)  Colorescience brush on SPF, powered by EnviroScreen™ Technology, this all-powerful, all-mineral skin shield provides total protection in one…

Cheryl Johnson + her mom

 Article Sue G. Collins  Apple Watch with Milanese Mesh Band  Watch band at Target, $23