Meet Dr. Challa

Q: Your practice specializes in services for pediatrics as well as geriatrics, offering compassionate care for every generation. Most of our readers fall into the 40-60 age group. You also offer IV Fluid Hydration and med spa services. What are your most popular treatments and their benefits?

Lucky Seven

When it comes to what is happening in the Johns Creek restaurant scene, seven is the lucky number.

Backyard, Your Way

A backyard can be a place to grill out and fight off mosquitoes, or it can serve as a veritable oasis. When it comes to creating an outdoor living experience that comfortably welcomes friends and family during the summer and year-round, think beyond the grass and consider incorporating elements that turn your humble backyard into an entertainment and relaxation station.

Expertise Matters

100,000 miles... That’s nearly four times the distance around the equator, more than 211 million steps, and the combined length of all the blood vessels in an average adult human body. Along those 100,000 miles of minuscule arteries, veins and capillaries, a vast array of conditions may occur that require the expertise of a vascular surgeon.

Let the Sunshine in…or Not!

While we often focus on the big changes we can make in our home, sometimes it’s smaller ones that make all the difference. Window treatments are one of those things. New blinds can improve your daily life, lower your energy bills, and keep your family safer too. Plus, they can make your home look fantastic.

Creating Smiles

Dr. Judson Connell's path into the career of dentistry is unique. Many dentists make their career decisions early in life with a parent or relative practicing dentistry or medicine. For them it's a natural choice to continue the tradition when your family has paved the way for you. For Judson, the choice to become a dentist was logical, but for…

Goldfish Swim School Growing Love for Water, One Toddler at a Time

Goldfish Swim School splish-splashed its way into our Johns Creek community and has local families bubbly about the water! From first-time greetings with the agua to instruction on furthering swimming skill-sets, this school has changed the mentality behind pool time. Upon its official January 2017 opening, Goldfish swim has seen bouncy babies to tiny tots to growing guppies and everyone…

Making Dogs Her Life

"I think you missed your calling,” a career counselor told Melissa Hampton Perlman in 2009. She laughs remembering her initial reaction: “I have a calling? How can you tell over the phone?” That conversation revealed Melissa could turn her hobby—taking care of friends’ and neighbors’ pets and homes while they were away—into a business. “I had never thought about it…