Family Time!

 2019 Mazda CX-9 Signature AWD  Mazda uses the “Go big, or go home” philosophy seriously with the CX-9 to accommodate the demands of large families. Still attractively sleek regardless of its 3-row, seven-passenger capacity, the Signature is the highest grade of the trims starting at $45,365, boasting Auburn Nappa leather seating; LED signature grille accent lighting; and genuine Santos Rosewood…

Color is Served

 Project: Forever Home  Homeowner:  Dave and Vicki Sexton, Suwanee, GA  Contractor:  Hillman Flooring and Design, Rachel McMullen, Showroom Manager, Lead Designer. 

Lucky Seven

When it comes to what is happening in the Johns Creek restaurant scene, seven is the lucky number.

The Best of St. Belle Dame

“Belle Dame” translates to beautiful woman in French, and the staff at St Belle Dame believes that true beauty comes from within. Isn't that refreshing?  "We want to offer only the best to allow true, inner beauty to shine without the need for reliance on artificial beauty standards created by the industry," says xxx.  "In order to do this, our team…

Polo Fashion

All eyes are on Polo in the Pines, October 5 and 6 and everyone here at Lifestyle Publications is thinking about what to wear to the year's most fabulous polo event.

Wine, Dine and Save Marine Life at Georgia Aquarium

Dive into your passion for wine and giving at the 14th annual Aqua Vino at Georgia Aquarium on Friday, October 4, offering an exclusive opportunity to sample more than 150 wines from around the world, indulge in cuisine from more than 40 of Atlanta’s premier restaurants, and directly benefit Georgia Aquarium’s global research and conservation programs. This year Georgia Aquarium’s own…

Does Your Child Have Food Sensitivities?

When I started having kids, I envisioned a life full of morning snuggles, play dates, trips to the park or the zoo, birthday parties with pastel colors and balloons…. Those wonderful days came, and they happened often!  What I didn’t see coming were the seemingly endless sleepless nights. the projectile vomiting infant, the toddler with chronic eczema, the elementary school and…

Finding Balance

Our kids are bombarded by messages, images, media and other unseen pressures that can cause confusion, frustration, and upheavals in behavior.  At school, teachers and administrators can be important resources for students as they face the big bad world. In this year’s annual round-up of private schools in Atlanta, we asked about the resources available to kids to help manage…

Pool Heaven

The Rain Curtains are the focal point in this project at a home in Duluth. Two waterfalls have a sheer decent, with a solid sheet of water flowing at three different speeds. On the lowest speed, the water is slower and looks and sounds just like rain - reassuring, calming, mesmerizing.  When the sun sinks over the horizon after a warm…

OM at Home

Grey Owl Mind-Body Studio in Johns Creek offers a variety of adult, kids and family classes including mat yoga, aerial yoga, qigong/tai chi, meditation, dance and family yoga. We asked them to share a few of their favorite poses.