Winding down from summer, I can only think about where to go next to find that quiet release that I had at the lake. Waking to a chorus of birds and later in the day, lulled by the cicadas while I lay in the hammock under a thick canopy of pines and cedars. Meeting old friends at the dock to reflect on our many blessings and hopping on a SUP board when the lake was still and clear. From our deck which faces a 90-acre conservancy, I watched a pair of pileated woodpeckers, prehistoric-looking birds, work on a long-gone hollow tree trunk with their bright red plume bobbing against the blue summer sky. 

Now, as families get back into the groove of school, sports, extracurriculars, work and traffic, we need to keep that carefree feeling alive. I bought some slide-in screens for the windows in our old house that were odd-sized so I can feel any whiff of a breeze. I’ll keep a pitcher of lemonade in the refrigerator and invite my neighbors to come sit on the porch awhile. 

I will keep this magazine’s calendar pages open to remind of the concerts, festivals and farmers markets happening every weekend. 

I will not pout.


I hope your September is full of fashion, philanthropy and friends.

See you on the porch!