Leadership Johns Creek graduated its 10th class on May 9, 2019 with three impressive projects, 26 extraordinary participants, and a supportive community of sponsors and donors who made it all possible. The class was filled with a diverse cross section of professionals who came together with a common goal of contributing to their community. The class assisted with the new Butterfly and Goat habitat at Autrey Milll Nature Preserve by installing a new water pump, irrigation system, and necessary flowers and plants to sustain the butterflies and the environment. They also helped to build awareness and raise funds to support the installation of the Vietnam Wall the Heals at Newtown Park. Lastly, they donated an Adapted Drive vehicle to help the disabled in the community regain independence and mobility by raising funds for a specifc automobile, install the proper adaptive equipment and wrap it in their created logo. This was donated to Emory Johns Creek hospital to assist train therapy patients.

Pictured is the Adaptive Drive vehicle LJC10 team Jeannie Fulbright, Becky Ferguson, Alison Tarpley, Michael Guo, Saytha, Darapu, David Lovell, Kay Halbert, Dimitri Donvcov, Ryan Moore, Matt Vance, Gray Norsworthy, Deepti Sarathi, Beth Richardson, Trina Gallien. Pope Automotive, The Arbor Company, LexisNexis, Lucy Lu & Associates, Yifan Catering, Echospan, Inc. just to name a few contributed the $40,000 needed to make this happen.