Carnegie Jewelers is the gem of Peachtree Corners.

Nestled in the center of Peachtree Corners’ Forum shopping center is Carnegie Jewelers, a paradise for anyone who demands the finer things in life including diamond necklaces, cufflinks, rings, stunning watches, and more. Owner Kourosh Baghaei is obviously passionate in what he does; his extensive selection, posh accommodations, association with the American Gem Society, and Gemological Institute of America degree prove that. His story is also fascinating.

“I always loved watches and their mechanisms,” Baghaei says while positioning glistening Rolex watches in a spotless glass case. “I’m a pilot as well and love precision. As a hobby, I loved to fly since I was 15.”

Pointing at the wall adorned with diplomas, Baghaei continues. “When I started the business in 1987, I wanted to have a good education in that field to know it fundamentally,” he says. “Carnegie Jewelers started in Downtown Atlanta, and then we moved to the Forum in 2002. Being one of the first merchants in the complex, I had the opportunity to build the shop’s interior to fulfill our needs. We are a full-service jewelry store; we do everything at the premises as little as a watch battery replacement to selling pieces flaunting 10-carat diamonds.”

Carnegie also does engraving, jewelry cleaning, custom jewelry design, and professional appraisals to name a few of their other services.

When asked what one of his favorite timepieces is, he pulls up his sleeve to proudly flaunts what adorns his right wrist. “I’m wearing a rose gold Rolex Daytona with a leather strap. This is a serious watch.” Other brands for sale include Cartier, Tissot, Fendi and Breitling, among other world-renowned authorities.

With an affinity for ostentatious wristwear, jaw-dropping jewelry, and an overall expertise in maintaining a luxurious lifestyle—plus being a pilot—Baghaei knows what it means to be fly.