Mocktails at Altobeli’s Restaurant & Piano Bar

While Italian food steals the show at Altobeli’s in Johns Creek, it’s the live music and special shows that are the icing on the cake.  With live entertainment and dancing seven nights a week, you can dig into a plate of linguine carbonara then dance it off at this friendly old-school neighborhood Italian restaurant and piano bar. 



Mocktails for one and all

The bar  at Altobeli’s serves all the classic cocktails, a long wine and beer list but also a selection of summer mocktails so you can celebrate without the booze.  We’ll drink to that!

 DeBeli Pink Margarita

2/3 Jose Cuervo classic Margarita Non alcoholic mix

1/3 cranberry juice.  

Shake and serve over ice in a 5 ounce margarita glass.  Garnish with cherries and orange slice  and Strawberry.  Serve with glass dipped in sugar.

Other drinks to keep it real:

2. Altobeli’s Evening Meditation-  carrot juice, kiwi, apple, cucumber, cranberry and pomegranate, garnished with stalk of celery, olives & strawberry.


3. DeBeli Virgin Mary – tomato juice, herbs, spices, garnished with celery stalk.


4. Al’s Summertime Daiquiri Escape – strawberry and pina colada mix, coconut milk and pineapple. garnished with a pineapple slice & strawberries.


5. Altobeli’s Family Fruit Quencher – POM pomegranate juice, cranberry juice, orange juice, pineapple juice, garnished with Cherries & Pineapple slice

3000 Old Alabama Rd. Johns Creek, 770.664.8055