Summer is here! Grab yourself a cool drink and one of these hot new releases.  

Baby Teeth by Zoje Stage

A fantastically creepy, psychologically suspenseful novel focused on a small family of three. An exhausted mother is desperate to find help for her young daughter, Hanna, whose behavior grows increasingly dangerous alongside her refusal to speak. Hanna believes Daddy is the only one who understands her and all she wants is to live happily ever after with him—without Mommy. Hanna’s tricks to get rid of her mother become increasingly sophisticated, while Daddy remains blind to his deeply manipulative little girl’s antics. Not since The Omen has a “bad seed” read been so good. 


Ballplayer by Chipper Jones with Carroll Rogers Walton,

Eight-time All-Star, Larry Wayne “Chipper” Jones, Jr. reflects on his 23-year professional baseball career, 19 of which he played with the Atlanta Braves. Jones shares his remarkable story, beginning with learning the art of switch-hitting, highlighting the 1995 World Series championship and 2005 division win, through his special last season in 2012. The National League MVP dissects pitches, relives clashes, and opens up about his relationships with his coaches and teammates—all without shying away from sharing his personal pitfalls during his rise to superstardom. 


An American Marriage by Tayari Jones

Executive Roy and artist Celestial embody both the American Dream and the New South. The young newlyweds have barely begun their life together, when Roy is falsely accused, arrested, and sentenced to 12 years in prison. Midway through his sentence, his conviction is suddenly overturned and he returns to Atlanta ready to resume his life with Celestial. But Celestial has taken comfort in Andre, her childhood friend and the best man at Roy and Celestial’s wedding. A tender and timely love story that delves into race and class through the intimate lens of a marriage. 


Visible Empire by Hannah Pittard 

Based on a series of true events, Atlanta-born Hannah Pittard’s novel unfolds in the wake of the crash of Air France Flight 007, in which one hundred of Atlanta’s wealthiest residents and cultural leaders perish. Children, spouses, lovers, and friends who were left behind now must rebuild the city and their lives. A newspaper editor decides if he can reconnect with his beloved but estranged wife, who has learned that her wealthy parents left her penniless, and a 19 year old grasps a moment of opportunity following his denied admission to an integrated school. 


Sweet & Low by Nick White

In a short-story collection perfect for lovers of Flannery O’Connor and Tennessee Williams, Nick White adds his own twist to the classic themes of Southern fiction. With provocative prose, he invites readers to follow deeply flawed and fascinating characters on their wildly unique quests through idyllic Southern landscapes. Bringing a modern layer to traditionally Southern tropes such as character flaws, identity, and place, White also tackles issues of masculinity and weaves thoughtful social commentary throughout each story.


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