Our Outstanding Men 1

These Johns Creek area residents and business owners make community a priority and make our world a better place.


Thaad Thompson, Regional Manager, Stretch Zone Atlanta

Giving back: I only started playing football because of a coach that saw something in me that I didn’t see myself. I believe when given the opportunity to coach a sport, you’re able to mold and influence young minds to develop the ability to overcome obstacles.

Relaxing: Coming home has been the best part of my day. Spending time with my family makes me happy.

Working lunch: Romeo’s New York Pizza.

Sage advice: You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take, so don’t be afraid to fail, shoot your shot.


Carter Mayville, Dean of Students, History Teacher Pinecrest Academy

Giving Back: I encourage our students to not only take care of themselves, but also others in need through our service program by visiting nursing homes, preparing food and other necessities for the homeless, and staying active in their churches.

Relaxing: My wife and I enjoy running and the Big Creek Greenway or Fowler Park.

Working lunch: The venue doesn’t matter, it’s more about the people.

Sage advice: My father told me to take every opportunity that comes my way to do something worthwhile. We value traveling and making memories more than owning material goods.


Orlando Lynch, Owner/CEO Atlanta Peach Movers

Giving back: Last year when Hurricane Harvey, Irma, and Maria hit the U.S. mainland, we transported 18 tractor trailer loads of supplies over to Houston and Jacksonville.

Relaxing: I like to unwind at the lake with a good book or at a Braves game.

Working lunch: Houston’s has great service and the food is always good. J Alexanders is another favorite.

Sage advice: Happiness comes from within. I always tell my children that it’s not the mistakes you make in life, it’s the repeat of the mistakes. The greatest “griefs” are the ones we cause ourselves. It starts with love.


Dapo Odetoyinbo, MD Chief Medical Officer, Emory Johns Creek Hospital

Giving back: Free Chapel Worship Center in Suwanee, Good News Clinic in Gainesville, Open Hands Atlanta and the Good News at Noon homeless shelter in Gainesville.

Relaxing: Nothing beats the view from the top of Stone Mountain. We walk or cycle with our kids on the Big Creek Greenway.

Working lunch: The West African restaurant in Norcross, Ike’s Cafe and Grill – the same types of food I grew up eating as a child in Nigeria.

Sage advice: Choose as a career the work you’d be happy to do everyday if you weren’t paid anything.


Anand Thaker, CEO & Founder of IntelliPhi

Giving back: I enjoy strategic-level, community building, collaboration type efforts. One of those efforts was iHeart Johns Creek (iHeartJC.com); a more differentiated and more fitting strategic focus to be top community around health, wellness, and healthcare innovation. Also, I serve as a citizen member for the long-term Comprehensive Land Use Plan (CLUP). Another passion has been to encourage more local engagement. It takes picking one interest, investing 1 min a day!

Relaxing: Newtown park with family, friends and our furbaby.

Working lunch: Egg Harbor Cafe or Sugo

Sage advice: Find your passion, be a lifelong learner and life will feel more purposeful.