I walked into Park Place at Newtown School heard singing, and it changed my life. 

As a result of an automobile accident, I left the mortgage business and surrendered to the fact I would not be able to sit or heal from my injuries until I could take a leap of faith to follow a new path. So, I have been walking, shooting baskets, and hitting tennis balls on backboard at Newtown Park for years. When I would walk by Park Place I thought, I am a senior but don’t have any desire to go in.

When I finally went through the door a year ago to sign up for a premium-lowering defensive driving class, destiny stepped in and changed my life. The energy was warm, inviting, and friendly. I met the gracious Marilyn Bergdoll, the Recreation Leader.

Down the hall, I heard beautiful singing. Marilyn told me The Park Place Social Singers were rehearsing and asked if I enjoyed music and singing. I do!

I attended my first singalong the following Tuesday morning and immediately felt a part of with my new singing community. As the months went by I eventually was able to sit instead of standing during rehearsal. The vibration of singing is magical and energizes me to the core. 

My physical healing was also healing my spirit and soul, giving me hope that I would be able to pursue a new path. I just had to figure out what that passion was. I thought, I’d just keep singing until something unfolds. My patience paid off and I was fortunate to realize my passion for writing. When I began my writing career last year, I thought, “I will keep on singing and see what infinite possibilities the Universe has in store for me!”