The Eyes Have It 4

Deka Lash Johns Creek brings high end eyelash 
boutique to North Metro area.

When you walk into the bright and cheery Deka Lash Johns Creek, you feel at home. Greeted by smiling, welcoming faces, there is an air of friendliness not often found in high-end beauty boutiques.

Technicians at Deka Lash Johns Creek are some of the best in the business. They seem to know the perfect length lash for each client and don’t hesitate to take more time to make sure the extensions are perfect. It appears these technicians look at themselves more as artists than just beauticians. They help each of their clients walk out of the salon feeling and looking fantastic.

From the ergonomically-designed beds to the softest blankets ever, you will feel beyond comfortable at Deka Lash. You may just even fall asleep! The technicians are focused on doing what’s best for each client and they do their job well. They take the time to give advice and make sure your natural eyelashes remain healthy.

Cornell Lewis opened Deka Lash Johns Creek to fill a need. After his mother moved into the community he loved the small but upscale feel of it. However, he noticed women still had to battle traffic to Buckhead to receive some of their high-end services. Not anymore!

Cornell, a married father of a 3-year-old daughter, is a mechanical engineer by trade. He studied the business trends and realized eyelash extensions were a smart move for his wallet as well as the overall community. It became a win-win situation and Deka Lash Johns Creek was born!

Still wondering if eyelash extensions are for you? Check out five reasons why you should try eyelash extensions at Deka Lash Johns Creek.

1. There’s no need to waste time and money putting on mascara or other eye makeup or curling your lashes each day.

2. It enhances the eyes, making you look instantly made up.

3. Unlike false eye lashes, you can swim, sweat and sleep in them. (Just don’t get them wet within the first 48 hours.)

4. It won’t damage your natural lashes.

5. They look and feel natural while making your own eyelashes look thicker, fuller and as dramatic as you want them to be.

Deka Lash boutique is located at 11585 Jones Bridge Rd #460, Johns Creek. Check them out at