Lovely Lavender, Made Right Here

What began as owner Michele Spence’s hobby and passion has since turned into a full-time endeavor that’s bringing natural products, remedies, balms, salves and more to local markets and households around the Johns Creek area. Big Creek Lavender Farm remains a homegrown business from Spence’s backyard in Johns Creek, with over three acres of land. 

“I’ve always loved lavender – it has to be what Heaven smells like!” Spence says. “It’s so calming and transforms everything around me. I just started doing concoctions and testing products because I liked staying busy. I started the Etsy phase at the end of September and then launched Big Creek Lavender Farm, LLC.”

Spence utilized her local connections to begin her farm of 150 plants in early 2017. Although lavender may be difficult to grow in Georgia, Spence loves a challenge. Not only is keeping her plants alive a challenge, but Big Creek Lavender Farm is based around newfound creations without a trace of instruction. Spence perfects each recipe and tests her products on friends and herself until each product is eligible for sale. 

Big Creek Lavender Farm may sell natural and organic bath and body products, but Spence prides her company on selling “problem-solving products.” Each item spawns from an area that she felt herself or her friends needed but couldn’t find. All of the items are plant-based, contain essential oils, and are natural-form products. Pieces like bug repellent, healing salves, Flu Brew, Thieves Oil Body Oil and Mist, exfoliating and Jewelweed soap, magnesium oil, and more – each item fills a void in the market for non-chemical based products. Big Creek Lavender Farm offers not only herbal and natural products for the skin and body, but it also makes extracts, teas, jams and other edible products of the same organic nature. By creating earth-friendly and locally sourced product lines and food items, Big Creek Lavender Farm continues to concoct items so sparse in the everyday industry.

Visit her at or find Spence hosting a table at local farmers markets.