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 Executive Chef, Alfredo Lara

Trattoria One.41

9810 Medlock Bridge Rd a, Johns Creek

Grilled long stem artichokes with roasted garlic, white wine and lemon butter sauce, pancetta, tossed with fresh herbs.

This is a traditional Italian antipasti. Carciofi alla romana is one of Italy’s most famous artichoke recipes. It’s made with little more than olive oil, wine, garlic, and herbs, but the result is gently cooked, supremely tender artichoke hearts in a fragrant bath of their own cooking juices. Combining oregano and mint approximates the flavor and aroma of nepitella, an herb Romans use for this dish, better than mint alone. Gently cooking the artichoke hearts in olive oil with white wine both steams and poaches them until they’re supremely tender and flavorful.