Get Moving in 2018 with these trends 5

Local trainers tell all

New Year’s means change. Remembering to change that ‘17 to ‘18 on checks and documents can be challenging, but what’s even more challenging? Resolutions. The date isn’t normally the only change in the new year. Oftentimes, we look in the mirror and decide our resolutions should be all about fitness. But, where to start? Those weekly workout plans typically fall through on week 3 (at best) and those gym memberships tend to become an afterthought once a free trial period ends. So, where to next? We’ve asked the industry about what fitness trends look like in the new year, and we think they will change the way you view fitness for the better.

  1. 1. According to Will Hamilton, owner and director of Synergy, he’s seen a massive trend away from the big box models and towards the microgym model. Hamilton has seen a trend away from memberships and on-your-own workouts and a shift towards more of a community environment. “When you do something together as a group, we all have the same focus, no matter one’s starting point,” he says. Instead of figuring out a plan for each time you set foot into a gym, there’s now a team feel and a relational aspect that no longer makes fitness as isolated. Like Synergy, these group fitness trends are taking off, and they’re just getting started.
  2. 2. From breweries to studios to public parks – yoga is taking over in a brilliant manner. And, Ariella Dominguez with Grey Owl Mind-Body Studio believes the trend is here to stay. Grey Owl incorporates classes involved aerial yoga, Tai Chi Qigong, mat yoga, meditation, or wellness into their schedule, and it’s seen tremendous growth. The benefits of these soothing techniques are part of an innovation curve, and all classes incorporate some form of meditation as well. Dominguez says she knows that these exercises relieve stress, stretch the body, and are very rewarding and beneficial. Each class is uniquely adaptive, but the trend towards relaxation therapy as a form of fitness is here to stay,
  3. 3. With Pure Barre Johns Creek, the workouts aren’t only effective, but they’re trending with what’s the most “in” workout craze at the moment, and that is high intensity, low impact workouts. With these classes, you’re increasing your heart rate to burn more calories while saving the joint-impact that so many other brands may be priming. With a more cardio-centric foundation, Pure Barre’s 50 minute full body workouts allow clientele from youth to mature to take advantage of the class. By recently adding an Empower class at the Johns Creek location, which ups that cardio even more than previous versions, even those with a fitness background are seeing changes. Utilize that First Week Free as a brand new local client and jump into the hottest trends at Pure Barre Johns Creek.
  4. 4. Irene Sanders, a group fitness instructor for cycling at the YMCA for over 20 years, believes the recent shift towards combo classes within the fitness world are here to stay. By combining yoga and pilates, for example, into a more boot camp-type class, along with TRX, these classes are encouraging a total body workout and alleviating the need to ever feel even the slightest of bored. This “melting of formats” creates more diversity and allows for a more exciting workout inclusive of both cardio and weights. TRX enables you to use your own body weight and to increase or release difficulty at ease–the epitome of a total body workout. At the YMCA, Sanders and the entire organization offers so much variety within their class offerings that their training appeals to every “body.”