Parc Celebrates Independence 6

To celebrate Independence Day, we asked some of the residents at Parc at Duluth to share a memory of their time serving our great country.  These men remain busy and engaged at this lovely community, and we were lucky to catch up with them one afternoon. Meet these heroes, who live among us.

Serving families in Duluth, Johns Creek and Gwinnett’s finest neighborhoods since 2003, Parc at Duluth is a premiere lifestyle choice for active seniors. From elegant fine dining in the warm company of friends, to the state-of-the-art wellness programs that support vibrant independent and assisted lifestyles, Parc at Duluth affords active seniors the opportunity to live better, now.


4 years at Parc

Paratrooper in WWll PCF 17th Airborne Division

Best Memory: Coming down the last jump of my WWll service in Germany over Rhine River.

John Howard, 83

2 ½ years at Parc

101st Airborne-Specialist 3 Army

Best Memory: Being sent by President Dwight Eisenhower to Little Rock, Ark., during desegregation and help protect the ‘Little Rock Nine’ with the 101st Airborne Division.

Connie O’sullivan , 88

2 ½ years at Parc

Corporal 5th Grade Combat Engineer Army

Best Memory: Being lucky enough to get out of infantry and promoted to combat engineering. I loved the responsibility, the work, and I got to go to college on the G.I Bill.

Gary Alworth, 71

8 Months at Parc

Captain United States Airforce

Best Memory: The connections I made and the people I met who turned into lifelong friends.

Charles Milam, 80

7 months at Parc

1st Lieutenant Army

Best Memory: Entering North Georgia Military College—the best kept secret in Georgia.

Kui Pin Mow, 92

5 years at Parc

Chief Warrant Officer 3 Army

Best Memory: Too many to name during 22 years of service.

Bill Mattox, 76

5 years at Parc:

Specialist 4th class during Active Duty // Sergeant in the Reserves Army

Best Memory:  My best memory was during my time of discharge; that was the time when the U.S. sent troops over to Vietnam and I was so fortunate that I did not have to go.

Paul Enders, 91

4 years at Parc

Personnel One First Class Navy

Best Memory: Stationed on shore duty in Little Creek, Va. I loved sight-seeing, the museums, and being fortunate enough to not have to be on a ship.

Ronald Kissel, 80

1 year at Parc

Chief Warrant Office 4, Listed Master Chief Petty Officer Navy

Best Memory: Going after hostages in Iraq as a Tactical Officer; the hostages were held for a total of 444 days. We were at sea preparing for 144 days.

Engwall ‘Andy’ Olson, 80

6 years at Parc

Captain Navy

Best Memory: During my 28 years of service, my best memory is the flight out of Vietnam and finally being able to go home.

Charles Neilly, Jr., 89

2 ½ years at Parc

Aircore Sergeant in Army; Colonel in Airforce

Best Memory: Receiving the top award for having the top unit in primary base engineering. We were also the first non-flying unit to be on the cover of Airforce magazine.

Alan Peterson, 89

1 year at Parc

2nd class Petty Officer Aviation & Electronic Tech Navy

Best Memory: The education in the Navy stands out the most. The courses they put me through fully prepared me to repair radar for aircrafts better than any college could.

Christopher Trull, 94

2 ½ years at Parc

Major Surgical Technician Army

Best Memory: While in Burma, I assisted a Burmese surgeon. Also, being second in command of a 10 man team behind Japanese lines.

Mike Jones, 87

4 years at Parc

3rd Class Petty Officer Navy

Best Memory: During my 8 years in the Navy, I did not see active duty except for a summer Naval Cruise in the Caribbean.

Larry Byrd, 81

2 years at Parc

Specialist 3 Army Band

Best Memory: While in Panama with the Army band, I played back up for Ella Fitzgerald and Oscar Peterson during a concert for the troops.

Laurel Sveum, 87

New to Parc

Chief Master Sergeant E9 Airforce

Best Memory: Being stationed in Germany for 4 years with my wife and 4 children. Whenever I had a long weekend, the car was packed and we were off sightseeing and traveling Europe.

Bob Minton, 84

1 year at Parc

Petty Officer 2nd class United States Coast Guard

Best Memory: My one year of lighthouse duty in San Diego.

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