His Happy Father's Day

Dom Kemp believes in family, community and the city of Johns Creek.  In his role as president of the Johns Creek Business Association, he brings all three together. We sat down with him to celebrate Father’s Day and the organization he helps foster.

JCL: How did the JCBA get its start?

DK: JCBA began before the City and before the Johns Creek Chamber of Commerce. It was started by a group of civic-minded business owners who went on to be involved in both the founding of the City of Johns Creek and the Johns Creek Chamber. Like the Chamber, we are a networking group; however, we also have a community “give back” component that has traditionally been in scholarships.

JCL: When did you enter the picture?

DK:  I’ve been a member of JCBA for 5 years and on the Board for 3 of those, extending for a 4th year on the Board to serve as President for 2017. I’ll rotate off the Board at the end of this year.

JCL: What are three things that most people don’t know about Johns Creek.

DK: 1) In 2017, Johns Creek ranked third on the list of “50 Best Cities To Live In.” Today, Johns Creek is the 10th largest city in Georgia with more than 80,000 residents.

2) In 1981, a group of Georgia Institute of Technology graduates bought 1,700 acres of farmland and woods near McGinnis Ferry and Medlock Bridge Roads for a high-tech office park. Spotting tiny Johns Creek on an old map, they named their mixed-use, master-planned community “Technology Park/Johns Creek.” This is the first reference to Johns Creek as a place. The area grew over the years to become the home of 200 companies – many of them Fortune 500 firms – with nearly 11,000 people. With the jobs came houses and shopping centers, and the population increased to about 60,000.

3) Johns Creek supports the arts. Johns Creek has metro Atlanta’s only part-time, fully professional symphony orchestra, the Johns Creek Symphony Orchestra. Under the leadership of Music Director J. Wayne Baughman, the orchestra performs several times each year.  The Johns Creek Arts Center offers classes and camps for aspiring artists in multiple media throughout the year.

JCL: What is your idea of a perfect Father’s Day?

DK:  My perfect Father’s Day is having my children (ages 28 & 30) attend church with my wife and me to start the day. Then, we would go home and grill some prime filet’s on the grill. The perfect Father’s Day gift would be hand written notes from my wife and children, telling me of their appreciation and love. To top it off, I’d take a nap on the hammock my daughter gave me for Father’s Day last year.

JCL: Where would you like someone to shop locally for your Father’s Day gift?

DK: Restaurants are a great place to celebrate special events, like Father’s Day. Pampas Steakhouse, Viande Rouge, and Trattoria One.41 are three of my favorites in Johns Creek for special events.