Creating Smiles

Dr. Judson Connell’s path into the career of dentistry is unique. Many dentists make their career decisions early in life with a parent or relative practicing dentistry or medicine. For them it’s a natural choice to continue the tradition when your family has paved the way for you. For Judson, the choice to become a dentist was logical, but for different reasons. His family has agricultural roots. He is the first doctor in the family.

He studied art in college, pursuing a personal call, later exploring the sciences. He enjoyed working with people and helping patients, and realized that studying dentistry would be a true blend of art and chemistry.

As an artist, Dr. Connell enjoys working with his hands and in his Johns Creek office he chooses to perform most of his own lab work. With Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics (CEREC) he creates teeth and beautiful smiles while sitting with the patient. He can create porcelain crowns, veneers, inlays, and onlays in a single visit. The smile makeovers he has performed are displayed proudly in his office and on his website. When he leaves the practice, he gets back to his roots and enjoys the farm life. He lives on a 13-acre farm and manages horses, rabbits, dogs, cats and birds. He also flexes his artist’s muscle by doing creative home decorating, carpentry and studio art.

He’s rather a Renaissance man. ”People may be surprised to find out that I also played football as a running back on a collegiate level,” he says. “Not many art and science majors play football in college. So I was this weird combination of a goofy, artsy, nerdy kind of jock.”

Dr. Connell’s goal is to treat his patients in a way not experienced in most dental offices. With his interior decorating vision, he created an office environment that is inspired by an Italian courtyard. Dr. Connell feels  personalized customer service has become nearly extinct in most medical offices and it is his goal to bring that back. He’s made it his team’s priority to get to know the patient, listen to the patient and make the visit all about the patient.