Long Live Beauty

Overpacking. It’s a dilemma we’ve all faced from time to time. Whether you’re journeying across the country or trying to fit two days into a duffle – it’s a predicament that can create quite the fiasco. Fear not, however, your makeup bag just became significantly smaller.

With Atlanta Long-Time Liner, located in Alpharetta off of State Bridge Road, your makeup worries have been resolved. Natalya Khapun, a Professional Linergist, and her two assistants have specialized in micro pigmentation, permanent and semi-permanent liner for over 15 years. Their services include Countour-makeup, Eyebrow contouring, Eye Liners, and Lip Lining. After bringing this leading company from Germany to our city, Natalya recognizes that her services have truly changed the makeup game.

“No other office in Atlanta is practicing micro pigmentation,” she says. “Permanent synthetic ink contains some heavy metal and glycerin, and some other offices offer this service, but, with semi-permanent, it’s more organic based with no metal.”

Clearly, the benefits of semi-permanent liners are plenty, and several of those advantages fall in the travel category. There’s nothing like taking a refreshing dip in the pool and drying off without the strain of smearing your liner. Not to mention that mid-afternoon sweat that constantly eliminates the much-needed makeup on the day. And the worst of the worst–forgetting to switch that liner out of your work bag into your travel purse with no beauty shop in sight.

Lip liner, eye liner and brow pencils galore! There are so many colors, sizes and options, and we just seem to always forget just the right one. Atlanta Long-Time Liner can eliminate all of these issues with their simple services that begin with a complimentary consultation, detailed drawing to visualize your complete look, and a two-hour pre-booked appointment. You’ll even have the option to touch-up or darken your service for three months following your procedure–customer service that’s not so common these days.

Save time in the morning when you already have your go-to products applied by Long-Time Liner. Get ready and go for the day without the sifting through dozens of pencils and liners in your travel bag. And, don’t forget that your liner will be perfectly in place for morning, noon, or night and during and after every meal. Now, that’s the winner!

Every vacation has those pop-up packages that include a nice hot yoga sesh, snorkel opportunity, or evening bike ride. With a service that lasts from 1-3 years, Atlanta Long-Time Liner offers some of the most natural and subtle looks that are so pertinent to your daily routine, no matter your timezone. Women in our community are loving their complete looks after their appointments.

Osjha Domenicone, Miss Georgia 1999 and Miss America Pageant Contestant 2000, says she appreciates that Natalya “has international training and that she brings those techniques to Atlanta.”

Even a Senior Eyecare Territory Manager at Bausch+Lomb, Kelly Consola, has found incredible benefits from Natalya’s work.

“As a sales representative in the eye care industry, its very important for me to have a natural, professional look when it comes to makeup,” Consola says. “More importantly, I wear contact lenses and have allergies so, by mid-day after putting in drops or taking my lenses out to either rinse them of any debris or put my glasses on, I have very little eye makeup remaining. Semi-permanent makeup seemed like the answer to all of my problems.”

As you can see, Atlanta Long-Time Liner will solve most of your makeup messes so that you can sit back and relax on island time without the strain of retouching your makeup throughout the day.

Jordana Klein is a freelance writer and runs 
TennisItinerary.com, a tennis travel blog assisting with vacation and relocation. Follow her on FB and IG at @tennisitinerary.