Kids Warm to Yoga

Many kids today spend most of their time bouncing from one activity to the next, juggling multiple pieces of technology, and finishing the hours of homework they seem to get every night. The thought of adding one more thing to their schedule seems like it would be the thing that pushes them over the top. However, when that extra activity is yoga, it might be just what’s needed!

Johns Creek Yoga believes that yoga can be a vehicle used for the transformation of mind, body, and spirit. The studio, owned by Johns Creek resident Sheila McVoy, offers classes for everyone and all skill levels…including kids. The children’s yoga sessions are taught by the skilled yoga teachers from Grounded Kids Yoga.

Johns Creek Lifestyle reached out to Amy Hasman, co-founder of Grounded Kids Yoga, to learn more about the benefits of yoga for children.

JCL: What are the benefits for kids who practice yoga?

Amy Hasman: By practicing yoga, children learn how to direct their attention and manage their energy. Kids are so used to paying attention outwardly, to their friends, teachers, parents and devices. When children turn their attention inward, beginning with focusing on their own breath, they connect to their inner teacher, their personal power and the goodness in their own heart. It is this light inside that will always guide them toward being their best and unique self. This knowing brings a deep sense of well-being, a fine-tuned awareness, the ability to focus and a desire to connect with others. Yoga helps children develop strength and flexibility, de-stress, relax, and skillfully navigate the emotional ups and downs of life.

JCL: Can anyone practice yoga?
Amy Hasman: Yes. Yoga will meet a person where they are but not leave them there. A certified children’s yoga teacher will recognize what a child wants, as well as what they need, and offer both in ways that will be well received.

Children with mild to severe special needs derive great physical, emotional and social benefits from yoga too. This includes body and breath awareness, motor planning, communication, sensory integration, bilateral coordination, sequencing, core strengthening, nervous system regulation, anxiety management and impulse control.

Grounded Kids Yoga is offering a free class for children with special needs at Johns Creek Yoga on February 26th 1:30 – 2:30 pm.  

JCL: Why should children be taught yoga?
Amy Hasman: Children should be taught that they are worthy, exceptional beings here on earth for the purpose of sharing their gifts and talents with the world as only they can do. Yoga will build a solid foundation of awareness, perseverance, self-love and compassion required for that great task.

Yoga can help children learn the tools to calm down, center themselves, and find focus and balance in their lives. Want to give it a try? Contact Johns Creek Yoga ( for daily schedules and events.