Packaging Love 2

The Packaged Good is a non-profit storefront in Dunwoody that empowers kids to do good. They host drop-in events, meetings and parties for kids, families and friends to gather and compile, decorate and personalize care packages for people in need. Empowering kids to do good while inspiring the next generation of giving, Whether it’s giving to our armed forces, homeless or hospitalized kids, The Packaged Good partners with vetted, reputable non-profits to allow volunteers the ability to support causes closest to their hearts while handling all of the logistics.

After recently losing her husband, Sally Mundell of Brookhaven found that channeling her grieving into giving provided a path of healing for herself and her two young girls. It was her late husband who planted the seed for the new foundation, The Packaged Good.

Sally shared with me that during beloved husband’s last weeks in the hospital, he came to a conclusion with clarity.  Giving and volunteering are the answers to life’s mysteries.

One of his last requests?  To start a foundation to support this, and he asked Sally to help him. She previously held a high position at Spanx and when the founder Sara Blakely asked what she could do to help Sally during the family’s challenging time, The Packaged Good started to take shape.

Since then, many collaborations have bloomed. During the holidays, journalist and entrepreneur Kristen Rocco stepped in to help people write more meaningful letters at The Packaged Good. Her business, The Love Notery is in Johns Creek and helps couples turn their own love story into a keepsake (like the one below). Her business is telling meaningful and personal stories, turning history into a keepsake. “When I first began, I wrote and documented love stories for couples to immortalize their story as a family heirloom.  Then I began to work with sons and daughters to give meaningful and personal Mother’s and Father’s Day gifts.  And then I just kept adding anything that brought meaning to someone’s treasured love story!” said Kristen.

“Partnering with Love Notery was a great opportunity for the children in our community to express their gratitude to the troops. We hear from soldiers all over the world how much children’s letters mean to them and keep them going when they are lonely and missing their families. We can teach our children that even at an early age, they can be kind and make a difference,” said Sally.

This February, as our hearts glow warmer, I know Kristen’s passion for love stories and Sally’s commitment to volunteerism and kindness, will bring inspiration not just to the lucky citizens of Atlanta, but to those all around the world.

5517 Chamblee Dunwoody Rd

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