Happy New Year!

I admit it.

I got emotionally involved with one of the stories in this month’s Health & Fitness issue. I got too close. I was a nervous mess before the photo shoot, with butterflies doing a number, my head swimming.  Athletes. Dedication, finesse, strength, success.

I love them all!

Meet our first ever Lifestyle Publications All-Star Team!  These sixteen amazing girls from high schools in our magazines’ readerships represent the best of the best. And, while their athletic accomplishments are nothing short of spectacular, we pause to applaud because of their balance.

Vanesa Rubio is a junior at Cross Keys High School (she’s circled in the photo). She is a member of the swimming, track and field, cross country, and wrestling teams. One of my proudest memories was coming in sixth place in the state for the 1600 meter race! I volunteer at an after school program, in my neighborhood, called Presencia . This program provides mentoring, tutoring, and leadership developments to immigrant children. I have had so many wonderful experiences and wish to continue giving back to my community in the future.”

Regina Metz plays basketball for Pinecrest Academy. Her inspiration? “My older brothers. I have 5 older brothers and I love them and look up to them so much. They have shown me the importance of hard work and are great examples of how to live my life to the fullest no matter where I am or what I’m doing. They are all amazingly grounded and so joyful all the time, which makes me want to be like them even more,” she said.  I had four big brothers growing up, so I know what Regina means.


Our fab All-Stars. Photography Fredrik Brauer. Shot at the black box theater at Mt. Vernon Presbyterian School.

From left, top and on chairs: Bonnie Shea, North Atlanta High School; Claire Tobin, The Lovett School; Kennedy Thorne, Alpharetta High School; Kamryn Scocos, Woodward Academy; Shawn Pollack, The Galloway School; Regina Metz, Pinecrest Academy; Vanesa Rubio Toxtle, Cross Keys High School; Keara Napoli, Cambridge High School; Jayda Drake-Howard, North Springs Charter High; Bryn Foster, Holy Innocents’ Episcopal School.

Seated are McKenzie Baker, Pace Academy; Venla Harkonen, Fulton Science Academy; Alex Clark, Westminster; Elisa Yang, Wesleyan School; Julia Platt, Atlanta Girls School; Mia Whitney, Mt Vernon.