Fitness to Last a Lifetime 1

Born and raised in Alpharetta, as an only child, I grew up as “Mommy’s girl and Daddy’s boy.” With a passion for all things sporty while still enjoying the newest trends with my gals, I’ve always recognized that fitness would hold a special place in my life. But, I never recognized how much I’d rely on my own two feet to create endless opportunities that I’m oh so thankful for.

Naturally, my parents allowed me to test out all the available local sports and camps at one point or another, offering up an afternoon soccer clinic before a weekend ice skating lesson. This jampacked schedule allowed for an introduction to just about any sport available, and, looking back, I could not be happier that I had these opportunities. From a list of over a dozen different options throughout my elementary and middle school years at Woodward Academy, I found my true passions through volleyball and tennis.

With volleyball being the ultimate team sport and tennis among the lone, individual games, I recognized that I truly chose the best of both worlds. Volleyball included all the fun that is finding your “pepper partner” while engaging in footwork drills, agility training, and the occasional distance run. Tennis included the grind of private lessons mixed with the Academy training alongside dozens of other players attempting to reach their full potential. Line drills, suicides, and sprints filled my evenings to propel my tennis talents to the next level.

As a teenager, I would not have believed you if you told me that, a decade later, I would have competed in my first half marathon, completed four years of Division I college tennis, workout almost daily, and actually enjoy that afternoon run. Let alone have a stable career that’s centered around fitness and tennis. Absolutely unfathomable. From elementary school, the complaints surrounding that burdensome Presidential Fitness Test still haunt me to this day. Those timed-mile tests each year pushed me to the limit, and I recall even training for Field Day at the end of the year so that I could throw that football better than any girl out there.

Now, I can proudly say that I rely daily on my fitness routine to keep me sane, and, well, fit. After captaining the Georgia Southern Women’s Tennis Team and enduring four years of collegiate level strength and conditioning, you’d think that I reached my peak potential as I threw on that cap and gown in May 2015. However, since that day, I’ve taken matters into my own hands. I run or visit the gym just about every day to maintain strength and continue pushing myself. Without a strict goal in mind, like the upcoming tennis matches I trained for, I now workout and focus on my fitness just for me. After all those years of being pushed, I’m now the one doing the pushing.

Even my career is structured around tennis and fitness. From producing the latest magazine story on local workout outings to producing new content on my tennis travel blog, Tennis Itinerary, I’m constantly utilizing fitness in both my personal and corporate life. Thanks to a childhood immersed in the fitness field, I’m proud to say that I plan to maintain this healthy lifestyle for many years to come.