Hello Friends ! 1

I want to introduce you to the newest family member of Lifestyle Publications, Johns Creek Lifestyle.

Our goal will be to support the Johns Creek community with meaningful, useful and entertaining information about the people, places and businesses that are active as well as giving back to our immediate community.

We hope this magazine will grow to become an integral part of your lives, connecting neighborhoods and businesses for the greater good. We also hope will be your publication, supportive of the topics that you find interesting and important.

We so appreciate you for allowing us to come into your home and be a part of this wonderful community and we will strive to highlight the very best of Johns Creek.

Jim Newman



As editor of Johns Creek Lifestyle, I have the pleasure of showcasing the beauty, business and big hearts of Johns Creek.  For our launch issue, we are proud to bring you a story about a few of your neighbors who make GIVING a priority. Here at Lifestyle Publications, we believe in the power of generosity. Every month, you’ll meet heroes among us and I invite you to share a story about someone you know who will inspire us.

Also in this issue, meet a few of our local writers and check out their gift picks.  If you have a unique gift idea that can be found nearby, share it on our Facebook page and tag the local biz. We want to support all the entrepreneurs and small business owners in and around Johns Creek that make our lives better.

The real estate market is fickle so we asked a few local realtors to share what’s hot right now. Wonder what $5 million will buy? Check out our Dream Homes feature. (If you’re a realtor and would like to join Johns Creek Lifestyle and feature your listings every month, give Karyn or Jim a call.)

As Jim said, this magazine is about YOU and I hope we can dialogue through our social media and email.  If you know of a budding business, engaging educator, compelling collector, fab family or little-known local attraction, please DO TELL.


Sue G. Collins